Custom made IDEEA® protection

Discover our ideal solutions to cover a patio or terrace, HORECA, to protect merchandise or as a car port.

Protect your car wash or car dealership, materials, etc. Our fabric cover solutions are also perfect to protect school playgrounds, breezeways between buildings, car parks, indoor markets, as protection to unload lorries, etc….

With our extensive experience, we can give you advice on your projects and provide you with unique and personalised solutions.​

The removable modular textile structures blend in perfectly with all kinds of architecture and environments thanks to their elegant design, line and shape. They provide an excellent watertightness under and between the structures.

Trust us with your project, we will come up with the most suitable solution for you!

IDEEA gazebo for a school playground       

IDEEA gazebo for HORECA or camp site  


Example of work


IDEEA car port gazebo -Abridrive®   


IDEEA car wash gazebo   

IDEEA car park gazebo  


IDEEA tunnel  


IDEEA canopy for industry, exhibitions or storage   


IDEEA gazebo for entrances, foyers   

IDEEA cover for indoor markets 

IDEEA very large size gazebo   

IDEEA Gazebo - ABRI GRANVILLE®  Decagonal model (10 sides) diameter 16 m for a museum entrance in Switzerland
Metal-textile polygonal building  Argenteuil Theatre/1250m2/It is made up of 3 metal-textile structures 
Socotex - Toiles et structure - groupe abritez-vous-chez-nous
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