Textile production / Sun protection fabric /

Customized textile production

Custom made canvas or tarpaulin

Barrier protections against # Covid19 😷

We can manufacture in crystal for all your customers: 

Vertical blind, protective screen suspended, partition of separation, partition door inside or outside with crystal blind zip, visor or mask barrier washable...
Do not hesitate to contact us!

Very fast solutions at low cost or adapted to the characteristics of each work environment, 

All is possible! Yes, we can!

Our sales team remains at your disposal to help you to find the best solution following WHO guidelines.
Socotex is with you in your coming back to business #Takecareofyou 

Production of acrylic fabric or similar

Acrylic blinds

Production with or without glass.

Canvas covering or replacing the fabric of a Dutch canopy, gazebo, blinds, pergola.


Acrylic or flame retardant curtains.


Canvas covering of garden furniture.

Canvas covering or replacing the fabric on a sunshade.

Tarpaulin and glass production.

entoilage socotex rayure_0453
confection store
confection store
rentoilage tonnelle barriere
Rentoilage store et tonnelle
confection corbeille
entoilage de store
bandeau de façade
confection de toile
Rentoilage Fauteuil
Pouf en toile
Toile Acrylique
entoilage pour store
velum sous câbles
confection pour store 2 pentes - 1
confection toile acrylique pour store avec rideau - 1
matela mousse avec housse_7451
Stretched ceiling

Textile privacy screen.

Tarpaulin ground sheet.

Canvas covering of marquees and structure.

Made to measure cover or canvas covering.

Decorative tarpaulin


Windbreak screen

Roof lining for marquees.

Entoilage structure existante
Entoilage structure existante
Entoilage structure existante
entoilage structure
housse pour quad3
Entoilage structure
entoilage de structure
plafond tendu
Toile fixe
toile fixe
rideau PVC fermeture auvent mobilhome1
Pergola - Ref.Julo Le Bulot - Pornichet 44 - 0023
toile fixe structure sur peniche20
confection toile habillage couverture et fermetures structure pergola31
confection toile habillage couverture et fermetures structure pergola1
couverture t rideaux pour pergola
Entoilage de pergola
Réalisation pour Ecobane
Sports, boating and industrial equipment.

Sports and industrial equipment

Production for boats

Industrial divider curtains

Banner  - Oriflamme

Ground sheet made

Tarpaulin covers for trailers, tailgates or trucks.

Truck and trailer awnings

Canvas cover for reception tents and structure.

Gas cylinder or manure pit.

Couverture de verrière
Toile fixe - Couverture de verrière
Couverture de verrière
couverture pvc batiment
Rideau de separation industrie
Rideau de separation de gymnase
Cabine de peinture
Cabine de peinture
confection housse bateau
toile fixe sur mesure
Terrasse couverte sur péniche
toile fixe
toile fixe structure sur peniche
toile fixe structure sur peniche
confection housse bateau
toile fixe structure sur peniche
toile fixe structure sur peniche
toile fixe structure sur peniche
housse pour quad
Fixed canvas cover, canopies, awnings, pergola cover.

Midi velum (wire hung).

velum keder for horizontal groove profile (interchangeable panels).

velum keder or adjoining sleeve. 

Fixed canvas cover.

Large membrane for patio or terrace cover.

Gazebo or pergola.

Entoilage pergola
Entoilage pergola
Entoilage pergola
couverture pergola le golfy
couverture pergola le golfy
couverture pergola le golfy
couverture pergola le golfy
couverture pergola le golfy
couverture pergola le golfy
toile fixe sur pergola bois
Image 6
confection toile habillage couverture et fermetures structure pergola
toile fixe pergola - 1 (1)
toile fixe pergola
auvent peniche
entoilage de structure scénique
toile tendue
toile fixe structure sur peniche
toile fixe structure sur peniche

Main products

Heat sealing

Assembly machine that doesn’t involve sewing, it uses high strength polyurethane adhesive. It is UV and moisture resistant for perfect watertightness.

Machine for sleeve and keder

This machine moves along the fabric.

Size of sleeve (with the hem of the fabric turned up inside to prevent fraying)

Assembly and cutting machine

Automatic valance assembly and cutting machine. It cuts top and bottom to square off the fabric and the valances.

Production machine

Production machine with air table and an automatic squaring bench. Two automatic ultrasonic cutting tables. The canvas fabrics are rolled along.

Cutting machine

Socotex has an automatic ultrasonic two direction cutting machine. 

High frequency welding machine (HF)

Machine that operates on rails 20 kg with a laser guide.

Stabilised glass

The PVC glass is heat set, which stops the puckering or deformation in an operating temperature range of -20 to +50°.

Essential for the zip system roller blinds for example.

Innovation: INVISIBLE WELDS unique in France at Socotex

Aestheticism and strength.

The canvas welded and sealed edge to edge is extremely strong!

Glass welding edge to edge: 0.5 mm and no overthickness!


New machine: welding edge to edge, length up to 5.5 m,

welding power 3.3 kw.

It is equipped with 2 welding heads.

A welding head for the edge to edge and a welding head for the zip.

Welding is possible on all PVC fabrics with or without glass.

Welding width for glass edge to edge: 0.5 mm and no overthickness!

Welding width for PVC fabric and glass or for zip: 10 mm.

Hot iron heat sealing machine

Continuous welding for assembly, hems and sleeves with guides. Completely automatic machine. 

Digital cutting control

It squares off fabrics perfectly

Automatic eyelet insertion.
Adhesive or digital printing

Printing on canvas fabric and supports for stretched canvas (frame, privacy screens, textile façade).

Socotex has three printing machines.

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