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Patio and terrace accessories / garden furniture  

Socotex has quality garden furniture available with a strong original bamboo product range.

It also has canvas privacy screens or trellises, a range of Solamagic heating and lighting.

On request and according to the price quoted, we custom make covers and cushions.


The ideal and resistant separator for the CHR terraces

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WINDSCREEN retractable awnings
WINDSCREEN retractable awnings

Canvas screen to create intimacy

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WINDSCREEN Design privacy screen
WINDSCREEN Design privacy screen

A space separator. Modern and original, it can be equipped with a canvas and offers customizable solutions!

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Solamagic heating and lighting
Solamagic heating and lighting

A range of infrared heating, Solamagic to heat safely and reliably, the outdoor atmosphere!

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IDEEA WINDSCREEN  Abrisiesta furnitu
IDEEA WINDSCREEN Abrisiesta furnitu

an original and comfortable garden furniture

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Bamboo furniture
Bamboo furniture

Ideal to fully enjoy your outdoors. This furniture is eco-friendly, modern and resistant!

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Bamboo furniture
Bamboo furniture

Green table, modern and resistant!

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IDEEA WINDSCREEN is a smart solution to enclose, protect and define the limits of your outdoor or indoor space. 

The IDEEA® WINDSCREEN Abrivent® can be adjusted in numerous ways thanks to its modular structures of many different shapes and sizes.

The IDEEA® WINDSCREEN windbreak screens are removable, so you don’t have to ask for a building permit to install them. They are made in clear tempered glass, which is fastened to the special aluminium profiles.

Socotex has made every effort to relaunch its production in compliance with barrier gestures and all shipments to respond quickly to your orders.

Good luck to all. Do not hesitate to place your orders.

And take good care of yourself 😷

Produits barrières SOCOTEX, écrans de protection en cristal
IDEEA® WINDSCREEN retractable windbreak screen.

The canvas screen can be rolled back like an awning.  

IDEEA® Windscreen retractable windbreak screen comes with a white thermo-lacquered aluminium box fitted with a roller tube with a spring mechanism. The canvas reels out and into the box that has 2 mounting plates that are fastened to the wall.

The extension of the canvas screen when it is fully reeled out is 3 m and it is 1.56 m high.

IDEEA® Windscreen retractable windbreak screen winds out like a blind and therefore the same precautions have to be taken. It is a canvas windbreak screen that has the advantage of being  easy and quick to wind back.

WINDSCREEN retractable awnings
abrivent enrouleur 0701
abrivent enrouleur 0715
abrivent enrouleur 0714c
abrivent enrouleur 0719b
abrivent enrouleur 0753
abrivent enrouleur 0721
abrivent enrouleur 0728b
abrivent enrouleur 0759b
Outdoor heating and lighting


Durability & environment are the key factors of our corporate philosophy and they are conveyed in our products.

An economic solution that won’t overheat the patios or terraces because the halogen heater does not heat a volume but rather the people in a well-defined radius. It has a much lower hourly cost.

It takes up very little space. It is silent and odourless.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors.

IDS 60 store grandiose - 1 (2)
Photo sous ideea chauffaP1000053w
eclairage pergola - 1 (1)
chauffage et son showroom_0882
Solamagic heating and lighting

Garden furniture 

The IDEEA® WINDSCREEN   abrisiesta is original user-friendly furniture that has the advantage of being made with traditional strong durable charming rattan materials.


Overall diameter: 1800 mm

Height 800 mm (shade down)

Height 1600 mm (shade open)

IDEEA® WINDSCREEN Abrisiesta furniture
Bamboo furniture

The strong and eco-friendly furniture!

Made with organicand renewable materials.


Rubi Table: size: 760 x 760 x 450 mm

PetalTable: size: Ø 980 x 680 mm

Panda armchair: very comfortable small armchair. 

Thedistinct feature of the bamboo chair slats is that they conform to the shape of the user. Size: 625 x 600 x 700 mm

Bamboo furniture
abrisiesta 103
abrisiesta 107
abrisiesta 23
chaise bambou panda_6855
chaise bambou panda_6858
chaise bambou panda_6856
chaise bambou panda_6854
Table bambou petale et fauteuil panda_6901
Table bambou petale_6880
Table bambou rubi et fauteuil panda_6877
chaise bambou panda_6852_edited
Table bambou petale_6884
Table bambou petale_6885
Table bambou rubi_6862
Table bambou rubi_6863
Table bambou rubi_6860
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