Acrylic fabrics

Dickson engineers work all year round in partnership with the best international laboratories to develop ever more technically efficient fabrics. This research enabled the use of a new generation acrylic fiber, Sunacryl®, which incorporates color pigments at the time of manufacture. The applications thus benefit from exceptional color durability, rot-proofing and extreme weather resistance.

At the same time, Dickson has developed two high-performance treatments. Cleangard® gives the canvas unequaled resistance against stains, greasy substances and water, while Permaclean®, reproducing the famous lotus effect, transforms textiles into intelligent materials: waterproof and self-cleaning.

Take advantage of the sun and coordinate your garden furniture with your parasol fabric

or shade sail

Les toiles PVC

Australia is a resistant and high density canvas against UV, very suitable for parasols.

This 1.6 mm thick coconut-like canvas will give a modern and original look

to your terrace or garden.

This canvas filters:

- between 91% and 98% of UV radiation depending on the color

Textile with exceptional dimensional stability

10 year UV warranty

Toile Australia®


Abritez-vous chez nous

The Soltis is a micro-perforated canvas ideal for creating comfortable atmospheres in outdoor living spaces.

His advantages :

Thermal protection

Blocks heat and promotes air circulation through its micro-vents

Color fastness to UV

Easy maintenance

Soltis 96: Choose a color on the Serge Ferrari website

Soltis 86: Choose a color on the Serge Ferrari website

Toile Soltis de Serge Ferrari

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