Sunshade with off-centered pole at an angle, aluminium frame

IDEEA® SUNSHADE Décor d'Honfleur ® 

White thermo-lacquered aluminium frame.

Rectangular ribbed pole, section 80 x 40 mm.

Off-centered pole at an angle.

Format in mm: 3000 x 3000 mm.

A selection of bases, sold separately.

Standard polyester fabric or custom made in another fabric from the selection including Orchestra, Sunbrella or others.

End of series, available while stocks last

Parasol decor d'Honfleur - 1
Parasol decor d'Honfleur - 5
Parasol decor d'Honfleur - 2
Parasol decor d'Honfleur toile orchestra - 1
decordhonfleur toile sans lambrequin
decordhonfleur toile sans lambrequinw
detail decordhonfleurtoileverte