IDEEA awning Monoblock/cassette awning

When the blinds rhyme with modernity

Patio awnings 100% made in France. Socotex officially approved fitter of Matest spare parts.

The canvas fabrics are made in a wide selection of colours. Socotex heat seals the acrylic awning fabric with the only adhesive that is approved for its strength by awning manufacturers free of charge in the standard models. Optional drop-down awning valance on this model.

Optional drop-down awning valance on this model

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remember to personalize the lambrequin of your blind, Socotex can do any type of lettering or marking or opt for the luminous lambrequin !

Monoblock/cassette awning
IDS Manosk

Mechanism size:

Height: 220 mm

Extension: 250 mm

The awning can be fastened on the façade or on the ceiling on any type of surface, including an uneven wall.

It is you who adjusts the pitch of the awning.

Frame: White RAL 9010 or 89 colours with a small colour fee.

Roller tube: Galvanised Ø78R : included  / aluminium 75F: optional

Load bearing bar: Aluminium 80 x 80 mm: included – or on request galvanised Ø 50 mm, but the valance is not installed.

Load bearing tube: Galvanised 40 x 40: included / aluminium: optional.

Awning and awning end caps: optional (impossible in ceiling installation).

Type of arm: New arm with angular compensation feature Ref. 9000 so that the canvas is held at the optimum tension.

Powerful tension springs /2 sheathed cables / front profile 55 x 27 / back 55 x 27 or super reinforced for an extension of 4000 mm.

Front profile 65 x 35 / back 80 x 43 (4 sheathed cables and 2 or 3 very powerful tension springs).

Custom sizing:

Width: Mini 1840 / maxi 18000 mm

Maximum arm extension:

1500 / 2000 / 2500 / 3000 / 3500 mm

or 4000* mm with extra extension.