IDEEA® vertical window blinds, drop down and retractable awnings

When the blinds rhyme with modernity

Pre-assembled aluminium frames. All the pieces are custom cut and assembled in our factory.

Smart models. The canvas blinds and awnings are available in all the colours.

store bannette Heloise v
store bannette à projection avec lambreq
Store à projection avec lambrequin lumin
IDS39 -bannette
IDS 39  pose exterieur
IDS 39 pose en tableau2
store IDS 39 sans guide avec coffre
store IDS 39cablesans coffre
store IDS 39sans guide
IDS39 store bannette_edited
Vertical blinds or
retractable blinds
(drop down)

Vertical blinds (with or without a box)

guide system of your choice:

By tracks

By wires

By aluminium rods

or without guides , “bakery” style awning

and drop down retractable awnings

store zip ID1 toilezip
Store Zip
Store Zip ID1
ID1 zip
store vertical zip
profil zip ID1
Vertical blinds with zip system - ID1 85 or 105

The ID1 range includes different models and sizes of very hard aluminium boxes. 

The « zip » guide system limits the flow of air, light and dust.


Vertical blinds without zip system- IDS1 85 or 105

This model is also available with different guide systems.

By tracks

By wires

By aluminium rods

or without guides


ID1 mini : box l x h : 85 x 85 mm – maximum width: 3000 mm.

ID1 standard : box l x h : 105 x 105 mm - maximum width: 4000 mm.

The standard model is available without the box.