IDEEA® SHADE SAILS : Installation


Frame, poles, wall fixtures, accessories, guy lines, a large choice

Poles in bamboo, wood, aluminium or stainless steel, wall fixtures, all the accessories needed to hang up the shade sails. Standard or customized solutions.​

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GET SHADE WITH US is a manufacturer and maker of canvas fabric.
When the decorative removable sun shades are installed fitters have to make sure that their work complies with all the legal safety requirements established. 

We work with professional distributors. They will be at your service, to give you advice and to come up with solutions on how to develop your ideas, the type of textile production, the type of canvas fabric and the most suitable installation system for your project.

For permanent installations, especially in public places or establishments intended for public use, a design memorandum is required from a competent technical design office, which must be complied with.
In this case, we will follow the recommendations for the textile production and the implementation of this type of project.

Socotex Pergola Abrivoile ID3-2cV2
Socotex Pergola Abrivoile ID3-2cV2

Socotex Pergola Abrivoile ID3-3modV2
Socotex Pergola Abrivoile ID3-3modV2

ID3 Abrivoile visusocotex
ID3 Abrivoile visusocotex

Socotex Pergola Abrivoile ID3-2cV2
Socotex Pergola Abrivoile ID3-2cV2


To protect your atypical spaces

Think about Abrivoile@ shade sails!

New products and innovations SOCOTEX :

Lighting in canvas, two-tone shade sail

Windable shade sail

and the Abrivoile@ pergola for your stand-alone