Play with shapes, textures and colors!

Get shade under one or several shade sails,  

it is an original, modern, practical and elegant solution to make the most of your outdoor living area in all weathers!

The customized concept

1• I choose my canvas fabric: GET SHADE WITH US has selected quality label canvas fabric for you…

2• I choose my installation system: All kinds of fixtures and fittings. 

Socotex can answer to exceptional projects, Original realizations, shade structures, interior shade sails for decoration or to improve brightness, shade sails or canvases for acoustic comfort inside.


Our shade sails are custom-made in the best way 


For shade sails less than 30 or 40 m2 depending on the canvas.

STANDARD customized shade sails easy to put up and take down

There are different finishes available for our standard textile production, which have been adapted to the type of canvas fabric. Our manufacturing processes have been optimized to obtain the maximum strength and impeccable refinement.


For shade sails more than 30 or 40 m2 depending on the canvas.

ARCHITECTURAL decorative removable customized shade sail

Reinforced textile production that adapts to large sizes. 


Roll the shade sails up or out, it is easy and practical!

Abrivoile retractable shade sail

Our new retractable IDEEA® Sade sails model rolls up on an anti-twist wire that goes through a centre sleeve running diagonally in the fabric.
The shade sail rolls up using the same kind of mechanism as that of sails on boats.

La voile d’ombrage Abrivoile vue du ciel ou du sol…

Une protection solaire, magnifiquement design et aérienne !
Fabrication sur mesure Socotex 
chantier et vidéo @GroupSud

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